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December 9 • Zero Waste Communities

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7:45 am

Networking & Zoom Assistance

Networking and Zoom Assistance
8:00 am

Welcome & Thanks

Speaker: Ruth Abbe • Second day of the conference begins.
8:10 am

Plenary: Rethink and Redesign

Moderator: Jeremy Drake • Panelists: Kelley Dennings, Adoma Addo, Clare Mifflin, Lindsey Hoell
8:55 am
9:25 am

Plenary: The Decline of Single-Use Disposables – Reusable Foodware Systems

Moderator: Chrise de Tournay Birkhahn • Panelists: Dagny Tucker, Scott Morrison, Crystal Dreisbach
10:15 am

Preventing Plastic Pollution on the Planet

Moderator: Rick Anthony • Panelists: Charles Moore, Lori Mendez, Heidi Solba

Zero Waste Youth in Action

Moderator: Jeremy Drake • Panelists: Freddy Coronado, Young Grguras

Fast Fashion

Moderator: Chrise de Tournay Birkhahn • Panelists: Rebecca Williams, Nicole Kenney

Academics & Policy

Moderator: Amanda Rice Waddle • Panelists: Ashpreet Kaur, Jessica Heiges
10:45 am

Plenary: Expanding Reuse Systems

Moderator: Amanda Rice Waddle • Panelists: Sarah Goff, Diane Cohen, Heather Trim
12:00 pm

Zero Food Waste

Moderator: Alex Nichols-Vinueza, Panelists: Angel Veza, Erin Meyer

Fostering Community Leadership

Moderator: Alejandra Warren • Panelists: Hayden Sloan, Olivia Sanchez

Myth Busting: Characterization & Contamination

Moderator: Portia Sinnott • Panelists: Amity Lumper, Lisa Skumatz

Zero Waste Approach to Wildland Fire Response

Moderator: Jeremy Drake • Panelists: Hannah Johnson, Kelly Jaramilllo

Federal Funding for Infrastructure

Moderator: Gary Liss • Panelists: Jesse Maxwell, Linda Norris-Waldt, Kate Bailey
12:30 pm

Keynote: Untrashing The Planet One Community At A Time

Paul Connett for Zero Waste USA & Zero Waste Canada
1:00 pm

Plenary: Recycling Is Infrastructure Too!

Moderator: Jill Donello • Panelists: Gary Liss, Bob Gedert, Lynn Hoffman, Bryan Ukena
1:45 pm

Plenary: Compostable Organics Out of Landfills Now – COOL Now!

Moderator: Rick Anthony • Panelists: Brenda Platt, Peter Anderson, Charlie Moore, Sally Brown, Kevin Drew, Enzo Favoino
2:30 pm

Myth Busting: Inreach vs Outreach

Moderator: Margaret Gainer • Panelists: Natalie Lessa, Rebecca Graham

The Evolving Consensus on EPR

Moderator: Gary Liss • Panelists: Neil Seldman, Kristine Kubat, Maurice Sampson

International Zero Waste Case Studies

Moderator: Pål Mårtensson • Speakers: Maricon Alvarez, Jack McQuibben

Recycling Reinvented

Moderator: Kevin Drew • Panelists: Susan Collins, Eric Winter

Hard to Recycle

Moderator: Mark Patti • Panelists: Justin Stockdale, Dr. Calvin Lakha
3:00 pm

Happy Hour, Networking and Sponsor Showcase

Network with Other Zero Wasters... Ask Our Sponsors Questions...

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