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December 8 • Zero Waste Business

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7:45 am

Networking & Zoom Assistance

Networking and Zoom Assistance
8:00 am


Speaker: Stephanie Barger • Thank you for attending! Thank you to our sponsors!
8:15 am

Plenary: Roadmap To A Zero Waste Business: Strategies From Beginners To Experts

Moderator: Stephanie Barger • Speakers: Joanie Burns, Casey Mahalick, Susan Long
9:00 am

Keynote: Circularity at HP Across the Value Chain

Speaker: Mary Curtiss, Global Head of Sustainability, Renewable Energy and EHS Programs, HP, Inc.
9:30 am

Plenary: Metrics and Tools for the Invisible Bins: Reduce and Reuse

Moderator: Angela Howe • Panelists: Sue Beets-Atkinson, Nadereh Afsharmanesh
10:35 am


Some sponsors may be available for questions in chat.
10:45 am

Climbing the Zero Waste Hierarchy to Highest and Best Use

Moderator: Daniel Hartsig • Panelists: Samantha Sommer, Jason Litt, Joshua Bradley, Kaela Martins

Introducing the Newest R’s: Rethink, Redesign, Re-Innovate

Moderator: Chrise de Tournay Birkhahn • Panelists: Kurt Bjorkman, Jeffrey Brown, Leah Tischler, Carolina Leonhardt

Do Circular Products Make a Zero Waste Economy?

Moderator: Lauren Hibbert • Panelists: Garr Punnett, Bergen Hubert, Saskia van Gendt

Why Certification Matters to People, Planet and Profit

Moderator: Elena Mateo • Panelists: Jamie Kaminski, Mateus PeÇanha, Will Zurier

Synergy Wins in Producer Responsibility

Moderator: Jeremy Drake • Panelists: Marialyce Pederson, Kevin Koertje
12:15 pm

Keynote: In Transition from Business as Usual to a New Paradigm

Speaker: Nina Bellucci Butler, CEO, Stina, Inc.
12:45 pm

Recycling Market Development and Infrastructure

Moderator: Brian Balukonis • Panelists: Sue Pinera, Susan Green, Dan Noble and Jordan Fengel

Culture Change & Employee Engagement

Moderator: Jill Donello • Panelists: Bruce Buchan, Camille Sowinski, Barbara Larson, Daniel Sanchez

Best Practices in Zero Waste Contracting with Service Providers

Moderator: Amy Marpman • Panelists: Amy Marpman, Meghna Dhawan, Denise Braun

Increasing Your Bottom-line by Measuring What Matters

Moderator: Celeste McMickle • Panelists: Krietta Marley, Jasmine Johnson, Angela Moore
1:45 pm

Zero Waste Events: From Meetings to Sporting Events

Moderator: Marialyce Pedersen • Panelists: Stephanie Katsaros, Carlie Bullock-Jones, Sofi Armenakian, Eric Ritz
2:45 pm

Zero Waste Construction, Deconstruction and Design

Moderator: Stephanie Barger • Panelists: Timonie Hood, Amanda Kaminsky, Mike Gable, Mersy Maradiaga
3:45 pm

Creating a Zero Waste Economy for All

Panelists: Stephanie Barger, Sue Beets-Atkinson
4:00 pm

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Happy Hour with Sponsors

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