2022 Schedule Details, Day 2

December 01
Zero Waste Communities

All activities are on the Main Stage – except Concurrent Sessions.
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Times are listed in Pacific Standard Time

Time Track A Track B Track C
7:45 am

Start Time

Moderator: Ruth Abbe
8:00 am

Welcome & Opening

Moderator: Ruth Abbe
8:15 am

KEYNOTE #1: Equity and Inclusion in Waste Reduction and Reuse

Moderator: Ruth Abbe • Speaker: Alejandra Warren
8:45 am

PLENARY #1 – Future Focus: Perspectives on Zero Waste

Moderator: Dennis Uyat • Speakers: Rachana Shah, Rafaelo James D. Villavicencio, Nivi Achanta, Whitney Amaya
9:45 am

Youth on the Frontline of Culture Change

Moderator: Freddy Coronado • Speakers: Bonnie Betts, Michelle Barton, Fredrika Syren, Santosh Kumar Mishra

Zero Waste for Environmental Justice

Moderator: Dennis Uyat • Speakers: Mike Ewall, Elida Castillo, Deandra Sanchez, Kearni Warren

A Very Personal Choice: Zero Waste Lifestyle

Moderator: Amanda Rice Waddle • Speakers: Adoma Addo, Sarah Baillie, Alison Mountford, Liz Murphy
10:45 am

Break 1

Fifteen minutes...
11:30 am

KEYNOTE #2 – Think Globally, Fix Locally

Moderator: Laura Anthony • Speaker: Peter Mui
12:00 pm

PLENARY #2 – Climbing the Zero Waste Ladder

Moderator: Chrise de Tournay Birkhahn • Speakers: Heather Trim & Xenia Dolovova, Jessica Heiges, Grace Liao, Maggie Clarke
1:00 pm

Reuse Revolution

Moderator: Mary Lou Van Deventer • Speakers: Kelley Dennings, Daniella Menendez, Josh Simpson, Max Wechsler

Repair is Magic

Moderator Annette Poliwka • Speakers: Gay Gordon-Byrne, Kyle Wiens, Laura Anthony, Mathew Lubari

Edible Food Rescue

Moderator: Liz Murphy • Speakers: Erin Meyer, Adriana Velázquez, Jessica Regan, Alyson Schill
2:00 pm

Break 2

Fifteen Minutes...
2:15 pm

PLENARY #3 – Community-based Solutions for Organics, Recycling and Plastic Pollution

Moderator: Richard Anthony • Speakers: Alex Danovitch, Win Cowger, Brenda Platt
3:00 pm

Communities Leading Zero Waste Organics Infrastructure

Moderator: Aditi Varshneya • Stacy Savage, Dan Matsch

Recycling is Not Broken, But Can Use Some Help

Moderator: Maurice Sampson • Speakers: Neil Seldman, Joanne Shafer, Gary Liss

Actions to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Moderator: Richard Anthony • Speakers: Michelle DeHaven, Pål Mårtensson, Lori Mendez
3:45 pm
4:00 pm

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