A Very Personal Choice: Zero Waste Lifestyle

December 1, 2022 from 9:45 am to 10:45 am

Speaker: Moderator: Amanda Rice Waddle • Speakers: Adoma Addo, Sarah Baillie, Alison Mountford, Liz Murphy

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For each of us, the path to Zero Waste begins at our doorstep. Wherever you are on your personal journey to Zero Waste, the presenters in this session will provide perspectives on lifestyle choices that can help you and your loved ones take the next step. From resources to support low-waste celebrations, to strategies to reduce wasted food, and sustainable approaches to the basic necessities of food, clothing, housing, and transportation, this is your opportunity to rethink the day-to-day through a Zero Waste lens.

Moderator: Amanda Rice Waddle, Co-Chair, Zero Waste Gainesville


  • Adoma Addo, Population and Sustainability Associate, Center for Biological Diversity, Communicating Waste Reduction Behaviors for the Holidays and Beyond
  • Sarah Baillie, Population & Sustainability Organizer, Center for Biological Diversity, Resources to Support Low-Waste Celebrations
  • Alison Mountford, Founder CEO, Ends+Stems, Reducing Food Waste In Home Kitchens – Individual Behavior Change That Adds Up
  • Liz Murphy, Co-Founder, Sustainability is Sexy, Owner, Santosha Nutrition, Sustainability and Community