2022 Schedule Details, Day 1

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November 30
Zero Waste Businesses & Institutions

Time Track A Track B Track C
7:45 am

Start Time

Moderator: Ruth Abbe
8:00 am

Welcome & Opening

Moderator: Rick Anthony • Speaker: Stephanie Barger
8:15 am

PLENARY #1: Designing for Zero Waste

Moderator: Stephanie Barger • Speakers: Mardis Bagley, Rachel Greer, Ryan McMullan
9:00 am

KEYNOTE: How the Circular Economy Unlocks Barriers To Employment

Intro by: Stephanie Barger • Speaker: Terry McDonald
9:30 am

PLENARY #2 – The Future is Now – Zero Waste Foodservice

Moderator: Chrise de Tournay Birkhahn • Speakers: Matt Prindiville, Jackie Suggitt, Evelyn Ferreira
10:30 am


Fifteen Minutes...
10:45 am

Measuring Reduce in Food Service

Moderator: Nicole Kenney • Speakers: Sue Beets-Atkinson, Steve Finn, Joannie Burns

Culture, Communication and Career Pathing

Moderator: Alina Bekkerman • Speakers: Bruce Buchan, Jay Bassett, Stacy Savage

Zero Waste Business for Community Resilience

Moderator: Celia Ristow • Speakers: Natalie Lessa, Sara Fuentes, Lael Giebel
12:15 pm

KEYNOTE: Retransforming Plastic Waste

Donald Thomson, CEO – CRDC Global
12:45 pm

How Data Visibility Drives Innovation

Amy Marpman, Anna Dengler, Nikhil Balachandran

Zero Waste Construction

Speakers: Patricia Lloyd, Adriana Velázquez, Holly Griffith

Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Performance (SWEEP)

Moderator: Sam Yeoman • Speakers: Rob Watson, Bob Watts, Sal Evola, Bart Miller
1:45 pm
2:35 pm
3:45 pm
4:00 pm

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