KEYNOTE: Retransforming Plastic Waste

November 30, 2022 from 12:15 pm to 12:45 am

Speaker: Ross Gibby, COO – CRDC Global

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Ross is the Chief Operating Officer of The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration. The company takes an active role in balancing, environmental, community, and industry needs through proprietary product design. Over the last decade, CRDC has developed a series of design protocols and consumer products exclusively dedicated to being zero-waste and regenerative in purpose and nature. CRDC works globally but has its roots in Costa Rica and uses its operation as an exemplary platform to research and tackle important global issues like single-use packaging and its effects on waterways, agricultural waste, and social housing.

The company’s unique circular business model REAP, Recover – Enrich – Appreciate – Preserve is a bio mimicry model that looks to create interrelationships between diverse industries where the waste stream of one becomes the value stream for the next, where the sum of the output is greater than the sum of all the inputs and finally where consumption becomes regenerative. CRDC was a Peoples Choice nominee at the 2016 World Economic Forum’s Circularity Awards. Mr. Gibby is a frequent speaker in Plastic Industry events and collaborates with various industrial leaders, brands, and public entities from around the world to develop commercially viable “end of life” solutions to resolve our waste plastic contamination dilemma and their relative CO2e emissions.

Speaker: Ross Gibby, CEO – CRDC Global