Zero Waste for Environmental Justice

December 1, 2022 from 9:45 am to 10:45 am

Speaker: Moderator: Dennis Uyat • Speakers: Mike Ewall, Elida Castillo, Deandra Sanchez, Kearni Warren

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Environmental Justice brings light to how environmental benefits and burdens fall onto certain communities more than others. This session examines how incineration is worse than landfilling, the impacts of incineration and plastics production on frontline and fenceline communities, and how the language of Zero Waste has been hijacked with pro-incinerator “zero waste to landfill” schemes.

Moderator: Dennis Uyat, Zero Waste USA


  • Deandra Sanchez, Indigenous Peoples of The Coastal Bend, Chemicals in Plastic, Its effects on the Human Body and Mother Earth, and the Relationship to Corpus Christi
  • Kearni Warren, Organizer, Energy Justice Network, Pursuing Zero Waste in Chester and Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Mike Ewall, Executive Director, Energy Justice Network, Incineration vs. Landfilling: The Hijacking Of “Zero Waste”
  • Elida Castillo, Program Director, Chispa Texas, The Cost of Plastics Production on Frontline Communities and Why Recycling Doesn’t Work