Mike Ewall

Mike Ewall is the founder and Executive Director of Energy Justice Network, a national network of grassroots groups fighting dirty energy and waste facilities, and primarily focused on ending incineration in all forms. He’s been fighting incinerators since high school in 1991, and has led winning campaigns stopping numerous biomass and waste incinerators, waste-to-fuel facilities, power plants, biorefineries, landfills, a multi-state nuclear waste dump, and much more.

Mike authored the Zero Waste Hierarchy that has evolved to be the international standard used by the Zero Waste International Alliance. He’s also written local clean air laws that have stopped three proposed crematoria, a hazardous waste incinerator, and a trash and sludge to fuel plant in Pennsylvania, and have held dirty industries accountable in Maryland and New York as well.

At Energy Justice Network, Mike supports front-line community groups all across the country, providing a wide range of services to meet the needs of communities standing up to major polluters. Learn more at www.energyjustice.net

Energy Justice Network
Executive Director