Dan Matsch

Dan has worked in recycling, composting, and organic farming since 1982. His Zero Waste focus looks to marry these interests to maintain the highest value of our resources through creating local circular economies. Dan spearheads Eco-Cycle’s focus on utilizing organic waste and other resources in a local and global effort to restore healthy soil and … Read more

Elida Castillo

Elida Castillo is the Program Director of Chispa Texas, a Latino grassroot organizing program in Texas that launched in April of 2021. Elida’s community organizing and civic engagement efforts in Texas have invigorated the environmental movement with new leaders, increased voter participation and held elected officials accountable in between elections, to improve the quality of … Read more

Gay Gordon-Byrne

Gay likes to fight and go fast. She skies fast, eats fast, and pushes hard. Her favorite activity as executive Director of Repair.org is debating and debunking opposition positions. Having spent a full career in high-sale sales and support — she brings her 40 years of experience to bear on researching the details of laws, … Read more

Deandra Sanchez

Deandra Sanchez was born in Corpus Christi texas and is a descendent of the Karankawa and Lipan Apache. They currently work for the grassroots frontline indigenous lead organization Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal Bend where they work specifically with youth, and organizing future youth leaders in the south Texas region. Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal … Read more

Xenia Dolovova

As Zero Waste Washington’s Program Manager, Xenia Dolovova leads projects that drive policy change for a healthy and waste-free world. She develops and oversees initiatives that creatively prevent and reduce waste, including environmental innovation challenges, furniture reclamation, organics management, phthalates research, and litter assessments. She currently spearheads a multi-pronged effort to cultivate Washington’s repair economy … Read more

Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens is the CEO of iFixit, the free repair manual. He’s dedicated his life to defeating the second law of thermodynamics, a battle fought in the courtroom as often as in the workshop. Kyle led the international coalition that established repair as a cornerstone of the circular economy and passed the Right to Repair … Read more

Annette Poliwka

Annette is passionate about the outdoors and has been working in the environmental sector for over 20 years to protect the nature we all like to enjoy. She’s driven trucks and sorted recycling for the San Francisco Conservation Corps, worked for the City of San Francisco, as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency, in … Read more

Mary Lou Van Deventer

Urban Ore is a local business that salvages for reuse at the Berkeley transfer station, picks up unwanted things when called, and receives up to 100 vehicles a day carrying unwanted but still-useful goods. Urban Ore treats the discards as merchandise and sell them at retail. Urban Ore has three acres of secondhand stuff, including … Read more

Maurice Sampson

Maurice Sampson

Maurice M. Sampson II has been a grass roots environmental activist dating back to the 70s. He fought to pass of local ordinances requiring Environmental Impact Statements for all housing developments ( Cherry Hill NJ , 1971) saving 200 acres from suburban development, to oppose highway bond issues (1973),Tocks Island Dam on the upper Delaware … Read more

Bonnie Betts

At 27 years old I feel like I have lived many lives moving and traveling around the world and changing careers twice. I wear many hats that allow me to be a project manager, Zero Waste Advocate, and environmental content creator as a mission-driven social media and marketing consultant. I enjoy the opportunity to create … Read more