Xenia Dolovova

As Zero Waste Washington’s Program Manager, Xenia Dolovova leads projects that drive policy change for a healthy and waste-free world. She develops and oversees initiatives that creatively prevent and reduce waste, including environmental innovation challenges, furniture reclamation, organics management, phthalates research, and litter assessments. She currently spearheads a multi-pronged effort to cultivate Washington’s repair economy while researching to demonstrate its social, environmental, and economic impact.

Xenia holds an MBA in Marketing from the Paris School of Business and a Project Management Professional Certificate, Stanford University’s Strategies for Sustainability program, and three behavioral change science programs. With 13+ years in project management, marketing, and business development, she believes in system-based solutions and democratic leadership. Having lived and worked in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and now North America, she hopes to use her diverse experience to contribute to the world’s sustainable future.

Xenia lives in Seattle and connects with Washington culture through her love for the outdoors, dogs, and coffee. When not building partnerships, teams, or knowledge, you can find her checking off National Parks from her bucket list. Together with her husband, she has visited 19 of them so far!

Zero Waste Washington
Waste Reduction Programs Director