Reuse Revolution

December 1, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Daniella Menendez, Kelley Dennings, Max Wechsler, Josh Simpson

The reuse movement is a response to a single-use culture. Building materials, food and beverage packaging, fast fashion and apparel, personal care products are on the rise towards reusable alternatives. This session will cover university student efforts, back-of-house restaurant sanitation practices, and the struggle to recover building materials to put them back into use.


  • Daniella Menendez, Outreach Coordinator, Race to Zero Waste, Community Coalition Building in Support Of Reuse – University Students as Zero Waste Ambassadors
  • Kelley Dennings, Campaigner, Center for Biological Diversity, Allowable Reuse Under Federal and State Food Codes
  • Max Wechsler, Operations Manager, Urban Ore, Urban Ore’s Covid Challenges and Miracles
  • Josh Simpson, Little Kamper LP, Innovation in Recreation – 1 Pound Propane Tank Exchange for Campground Waste Reduction