Actions to Reduce Plastic Pollution

December 1, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 3:45 am

Speaker: Michelle DeHaven, Pal Martensson, Rick Anthony/Lori Mendez

Anthropogenic debris that litters the oceans often begins in rivers and streams. The EPA estimates that 80% of oceanic debris originates from rivers, streams and other waterways that flow through urban areas. Efforts to reduce litter in waterways to protect river and ocean environments are difficult because determining the amount and source of the litter is challenging. This panel will discuss approaches for identifying the amounts and sources of litter, reducing plastic pollution through redesign, and keeping our waterways clean through Zero Waste education and advocacy.

Michelle DeHaven, Trash Free Waters: From Midwest Rivers To Our Oceans

Pal Martensson, Let’s Do It Foundation, Keep It Clean Campaigns

Rick Anthony/Lori Mendez, Save the Albatross, Grassroots Actions for Redesign