Pål Mårtensson

Pål Mårtensson has been in waste management for 20 years and in Zero Waste movement for 15. The creator behind first ECO-Park in the world, Kretsloppsparken Alelyckan, founded by him and used as a model to public and private sectors worldwide.
Pal is a member of the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) and Let´s Do It Movement, mentor, director for Oceania for World Cleanup Day.
Pal has a long and internationally respected experience in waste management. He is one of the master minds for Project “Zmart Zero Waste Living” – which goal is to educate about waste, and how to reduce it to zero, he’s also been involved in the Project “Living the Life” – which goal is to educate people on the need to adopt a new lifestyle and to assist them in changing their habits in regards to buying, reusing and recycling. Pal is also involved in the Project “Waste prevention with Eco parks”, with Environmental Swedish Research Institute, IVL.
Pal has attended more 100 international environmental events sharing his technical knowledge and field experience on Zero Waste concept, strategies and implementation the role of ECO Parks on waste management, EPR and take-back policies; analyses and reduction strategies; and community waste management educational outreach programs.
Pal is working with Let´s Do It World as a world ambassador for more the 5 years. 2019 he mapped trash in 19 different countries – he is the World Mapper. He has participated in cleanups in more than 30 countries and teaching about Zero Waste implementation skillness, enthusiasm and strong beliefs in Zero Waste Strategies. His latest project is Zero Waste Amazon in Acre province in Brazil

Let´s Do It World
Zero Waste in Amazonia