Ryan McMullan

Currently consulting on strategic sustainability, over his career Ryan McMullan has led several sustainability and zero waste programs including the Mattress Recycling Council, Toyota’s Corporate Responsibility department and Rice University’s Facilities & Engineering department. These have included shifting cultures from recycling to focus on reduce and reuse, establishing new recycling programs, and using zero waste … Read more

Circular Indiana

Circular Indiana Logo

Circular Indiana (formerly Indiana Recycling Coalition) is a statewide not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation representing concerned citizens, state and local government officials, business, industry and environmental groups since December of 1989. We focus on uniting Hoosiers in waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting in order to preserve our communities for future generations. We educate and advocate … Read more

Maurice M Sampson II

Maurice Sampson has served as the Eastern Pennsylvania Director for Clean Water Action since 2016. His career as an environmental advocate spans 50 years beginning at age 15 and the first Earth Day in 1970. He served among the nation’s first Recycling Coordinators for the cities of Newark NJ and Philadelphia PA in 1982 and … Read more

Will Zurier

Will Zurier has worked at SWEEP since its inception. Will oversaw the Standard’s National Consensus Committee and now works with SWEEP pilot partners to ensure a smooth certification process. Will is also currently pursuing his M.S in Sustainability Management from Columbia’s earth institute. Will is also currently helping the State of New York in reaching … Read more

State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR)

STAR logo

The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit on a mission to advance recycling through partnerships, education, and advocacy. We work to help recycling professionals, educate the public and lawmakers, expand access to recycling, develop infrastructure, and grow recycling markets in Texas. http://recyclingstar.org

Sally L. Brown

Sally Brown

Sally has worked extensively with compost and municipal biosolids. She writes a regular column for Biocycle Connect and has won multiple awards for her work University of WashingtonResearch Professor

Chris Sparnicht

Chris Sparnicht

COOLNow Program Manager for Zero Waste USA.Web Consultant – Laughter On Water  Athens, GA. A Certified Zero Waste Associate, Chris has been helping environmental and citizen-science nonprofits throughout the US and Canada for a couple decades with graphical, video, IT and website challenges. He has been helping manage GreenYes Google Group for about the same amount of time. He … Read more

Enzo Favoino

Enzo Favoino is with Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, a not-for-profit Research Centre based in Northern Italy. He and his team have long been involved across Europe in operational, scientific and technical issues related to optimisation of schemes for separate collection, definition and implementation of Zero Waste programmes, process management in composting and anaerobic … Read more

Amity Lumper

Amity is President and Owner at Cascadia Consulting Group, a small women-owned sustainability firm with offices in Seattle, WA and Oakland, CA. She brings 25 years of experience in Zero Waste and has served various cities, corporations, universities, and institutions across North America. Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc.Waste Composition MythsBusters: Pandemic Trendshttp://www.cascadiaconsulting.com

Eric Ritz

Eric Ritz is the founder and Executive Director of Global Inheritance, an environmental nonprofit organization that develops interactive experiences to engage audiences at immersive cultural events like music festivals. Eric has produced over 300+ original environmental programs for the Coachella Music & Arts Festival over the past 19 years while also serving audiences attending the … Read more