Upcyclers Network

Upcyclers Network is to amplify the impact of businesses and organizations that transform recycled, recovered, and discarded material into value added products and materials. This UPcycler industry drives the market PULL that is integral to the health of and continued investment in our resource recovery infrastructure and lays the foundation for the circular production model … Read more


GreenEducation.US offers Certification, classes and webinars in Sustainable Resource Management. With so many changes happening in legislation, processes, and technology, we adopted a Zero Waste way to connect professionals and provide professional training. GreenEducation.US is the perfect solution for those who are new to the field as well as seasoned professionals looking to grow into … Read more


Online, accredited certification programs and classes for Sustainable Resource Management professionals. GreenEducation.US is the perfect solution for those who are new to the field as well as seasoned professionals looking to grow into new areas. Connect with the experts. At your pace. At your place. https://www.linkedin.com/company/greeneducations-us/

Community Bikes

A Sonoma County, California community-based bike upcycling program that makes fossil fuel-free transport accessible to all. In March 2022, Transition US and Community Bikes will be offering a four-part series on starting a reuse and repair training program like this in your community. Community Bikes is a project of Zero Waste Action – Sonoma County. … Read more

Northern California Recycling Association

NCRA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization founded in 1978 to promote environmentally sound discards management. Our 300 plus members are individuals engaged in state and local Zero Waste initiatives. We provide communities, industry leaders, employees, students, job-seekers and activists the opportunity to collaborate in evolving Zero Waste education and advocacy. Everyone is invited to support … Read more


UPSTREAM is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization which sparks solutions to plastic pollution. For us, the problem isn’t just single-use plastic – it’s “single-use” itself. It’s the throw-away economy at the root of plastic pollution that we want to change. So we’re building a movement to make throw-away go away by helping policymakers, businesses, community leaders … Read more

Carolina Recycling Association

The CRA is a nonprofit organization established and maintained by a community of people – multi-national corporations, small businesses, local government, state government agencies, and individuals across the Carolinas who are committed to waste reduction and recycling efforts. With over 300 member organizations (over 800 individuals), the CRA is ever growing and changing to benefit … Read more

Recycle Florida Today, Inc.

RFT is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization consisting of approximately 200 members from various governments, businesses, institutions, and organizations that have an interest in advancing recycling, resource conservation, sustainable and environmental stewardship in Florida through source reduction and waste prevention, (reduction reuse, recycling, composting), and legislative advocacy, henceforward notated as SRWPLA. http://www.recyclefloridatoday.org