Tamra Yoder

Tamra Yoder is part of the management team at the Wine Service Cooperative, working as the Director of Administration. She has been with the Co-op for the past three years, during its most transformative period; they continue to work to implement new software, improve winery member relationships, while trying to make the environment a priority … Read more

Tori Williams

Tori Williams spearheads strategic initiatives and oversees ornamental landscaping, organic orchards & edible gardens at Frog’s Leap. Before joining her husband full time at their family owned and operated winery in 2020 she was a founding partner at Offset, a design and software company that caters to wine industry clients. Born and raised in Southern … Read more

Rebecca Kulas

Rebecca Kulas

Rebecca has been in the environmental and sustainability industry for over 37 years with diverse experience in the public and private sector in Consulting, Environmental Management, EHS, Waste Management, Community Funding, Recycling, Waste Reduction, and Sustainability Policy. She is the Sustainability Operations Manager and TRUE Advisor for Best Buy, Inc. Her company is the industry … Read more

Teresa Bradley

Teresa is Founder and CEO of Race to Zero Waste and is the strategic vision of the organization. She has worked with the organization’s staff, board, volunteers, and contractors to develop new concepts and make zero waste more accessible in public spaces. At the height of the pandemic, she worked on discovering new zero waste … Read more

Manuel Gorrin

Manuel is the Director of Mission & Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Nature’s Path Organic Foods, a fiercely independent, family-run, sustainably-driven organic breakfast and snack food company that believes in ‘always leaving the earth better than we found it’. Manuel has more than thirteen years of experience with corporate sustainability, operations, and marketing in … Read more

Pete Gonzales

Pete Gonzales has worked in the Food Manufacturing Industry for the past 20 years in both Dairy and Meat Processing facilities. Pete has worked in the EHS and Training fields for the entirety of 20 years. Although he had spent much of his career in EHS, he is a certified computer programmer taking specials interests … Read more

Alina Bekkerman

Alina, a seasoned sustainability leader and advocate for zero waste, brings over 15 years of program management experience to her current role at the San Francisco Environment Department, where she currently oversees the BottleBank program, an innovative beverage container redemption pilot project. Alina excels in team leadership and building strategic relationships with both municipal organizations … Read more

Megan Hernandez

Megan Hernandez found her way to the supply side of the wine industry after over a decade of winemaking in Napa and Sonoma Counties. A freak horse accident and the desire to drop off and pick up her son from school, even during harvest, led her to explore other areas of the wine industry while … Read more

Jeremy Drake

Jeremy Drake is a Zero Waste consultant with over 10 years of experience in project management, program planning and implementation, collection system procurement, stakeholder engagement, technical assistance, and education. He holds a MA in Urban Sustainability from Antioch University – Los Angeles and is a Zero Waste USA-certified Zero Waste Associate. After a decade in … Read more

Kaela Martins

Kaela Martins is Manager, Recycling and Packaging Sustainability at the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA). In this capacity, she manages projects related to packaging (containerboard/kraft) and recovered fiber initiatives. Martins has an expansive history in the sustainability field, including having led industry committees, developed guiding resources, and provided regulatory support on critical waste and … Read more