Jeremy Drake

Jeremy Drake is a Zero Waste consultant with over 10 years of experience in project management, program planning and implementation, collection system procurement, stakeholder engagement, technical assistance, and education. He holds a MA in Urban Sustainability from Antioch University – Los Angeles and is a Zero Waste USA-certified Zero Waste Associate. After a decade in the nonprofit sector supporting youth musical development and building materials reuse, Jeremy is now principal of Strategy Zero Waste Solutions, a Missoula, Montana-based firm specializing in optimizing systems to reduce waste.

Jeremy was lead author of the City of Missoula ZERO by FIFTY Zero Waste plan in 2018 and project manager for the City of Helena Strategic Plan for Waste Reduction in 2022. Since 2018 he has worked with Missoula County Public Schools (MCSP) first to develop a Zero Waste strategic action plan and now overseeing the districtwide expansion of Zero Waste programs. His Zero Waste work in schools has been featured by the USGBC Center for Green Schools, the Northern California Recycling Association, and the Carton Council. Between 2015 and 2019, Jeremy developed and oversaw an award-winning Zero Waste Ambassadors Program (ZWAP!) that continues to be used in 5th grade classrooms across Missoula and beyond.

Outside of Montana, Jeremy has led projects for New York University (NYU) and the City of Medford, Massachusetts and has assisted multiple communities with Zero Waste planning and programs including San Francisco (CA), Washington D.C., Broomfield (CO), Delaware County (PA), and the townships of Maplewood and South Orange (NJ).

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