Megan Hernandez

Megan Hernandez found her way to the supply side of the wine industry after over a decade of winemaking in Napa and Sonoma Counties. A freak horse accident and the desire to drop off and pick up her son from school, even during harvest, led her to explore other areas of the wine industry while keeping her toes in the craft of making wine and putting her Viticulture & Oenology degree from UC Davis to good use.

Since 2016, she has worked for Bayard Fox Selections, representing Tonnellerie Orion and 2B FermControl in North America. Both companies are committed to providing sustainably made products to winemakers and promoting the idea that good environmental decisions are also good winemaking and business decisions. Tonnellerie Orion is the first cooperage to commit to ISO 26000 standards and to be recognized by ANFOR certification for their CSR Committed confirmed level and is certified Engage RSE. 2B FermControl has been producing EU-certified organic yeast products worldwide for 20 years.

Megan joined the Napa Zero Waste Collective in 2023 to be a part of the conversation on reducing waste in the winemaking stream and to bring awareness to suppliers’ responsibilities within the system, starting with plastic wrap, which is ubiquitous to palleted goods and barrels. Within this project, she is the liaison between Napa ZW and the Trex Recycling Program.

She lives in Sonoma County with her family, where they have a Trex system deck in the backyard.

Bayard Fox Selections
Sales Associate