Alina Bekkerman

Alina, a seasoned sustainability leader and advocate for zero waste, brings over 15 years of program management experience to her current role at the San Francisco Environment Department, where she currently oversees the BottleBank program, an innovative beverage container redemption pilot project. Alina excels in team leadership and building strategic relationships with both municipal organizations and private sector executives. With 8 years of hands-on experience in waste diversion and materials management, Alina has made significant contributions to various projects, including waste characterization studies, facility audits, technical assistance, coordination with waste generators, and program reviews. Alina played a key role implementing the City of Sausalito’s local legislation aimed at mitigating plastic waste and providing technical guidance to local businesses. Alina currently holds the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Recycling Association. Her unwavering dedication to sustainability and waste reduction underscores her commitment to creating a more environmentally responsible future.

San Francisco Environment Department
CRV Zero Waste Coordinator