Teresa Bradley

Teresa is Founder and CEO of Race to Zero Waste and is the strategic vision of the organization. She has worked with the organization’s staff, board, volunteers, and contractors to develop new concepts and make zero waste more accessible in public spaces. At the height of the pandemic, she worked on discovering new zero waste project opportunities and sponsorship funds. Her past project experience with RFPs and grants have led municipalities, non-profits, and institutions to significantly minimize waste streams, greatly increase composting of organic waste, save money through avoided landfill tip fees, and create green-collar jobs. In addition, she has over 18 years of experience developing zero waste systems by implementing reuse, waste avoidance, composting and recycling techniques for municipalities, special events, commercial businesses, and schools. Teresa holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco and is TRUE Zero Waste certified.

Race to Zero Waste
Founder & CEO