Gary Liss

Gary Liss has 46 years’ of experience in recycling, is a leading advocate of Zero Waste, and has worked on more Zero Waste Plans than anyone else in the U.S., including: Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Oakland, San Jose, Boston, Austin, and Fort Collins. He also has helped major businesses and colleges develop Zero Waste Plans. … Read more

Nina Bellucci Butler

Nina Bellucci Butler is the CEO of Stina Inc., a mission-based research and information technology firm, striving to harmonize human behavior with the natural world. Her team has developed a suite of tools (e.g., to support more sustainable choices in resource management. Stina’s information management system, relationships and understanding of the plastics recycling industry … Read more

TRUE Zero Waste

TRUE is the leading global zero waste certification program administered by which is the partner organization of TRUE drive the circular closed loop zero waste economy for all. TRUE is a whole systems approach aimed at changing how materials flow through society, resulting in no waste. TRUE encourages the redesign of resource life … Read more

Susan Collins

Ms. Collins is the President of the Container Recycling Institute (CRI) and has worked exclusively on recycling and sustainability issues for more than 25 years. Ms. Collins leads research projects for the Container Recycling Institute and works with environmental organizations, activists and state and federal governments throughout the United States and around the world to … Read more

SBM Management

SBM Management is a soft services company focusing on custodial and sustainability services. Our team of Subject Matter experts support Zero Waste initiatives through dedicated on-site staff or with customized consulting services: TRUE zero waste certification, education campaigns, waste audits, site assessment and baseline evaluation, upstream and vendor analysis, plus innovative technologies to improve your … Read more


PaintCare is committed to making it easy and convenient for residents and businesses to recycle postconsumer (leftover) paint in states with paint stewardship laws. A nonprofit organization created by paint manufacturers, PaintCare sets up drop-off locations for leftover paint, arranges for recycling and proper disposal, and conducts public education. More than 39 million gallons of … Read more