Nina Bellucci Butler

Nina Bellucci Butler is the CEO of Stina Inc., a mission-based research and information technology firm, striving to harmonize human behavior with the natural world. Her team has developed a suite of tools (e.g., to support more sustainable choices in resource management. Stina’s information management system, relationships and understanding of the plastics recycling industry landscape have made it the trusted organization to deliver the annual plastic recycling study for the US and Canada for more than 10 years.

Nina believes in delivering unbiased guidance in navigating the role plastics play in the movement towards circular supply chains, valuing carbon, and reducing GHG emissions, which is why she was invited to testify before the U.S. Congressional Hearing on Challenges Facing Recycling, recognized by WWF for International Women’s Day: Women Leading the Plastic Revolution, served as a subject matter expert for XPrize, participated in a panel at the Nat Geo Circular Economy Forum, and presented to the OPEC Secretariat during the 3rd Workshop on Energy & Information Technology Energy, and the World Circular Economy Forum. Her team also leads multi-stakeholder initiatives; the latest resulted in a “Roadmap to Plastic Recyclability”. Nina has volunteered on several expeditions including the Ocean Plastic Leadership Summit in the North Atlantic Gyre as well as the Ocean Plastic Recovery Project: Katmai Clean Up.

She lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, 2 daughters, cat, and dog and loves to garden, hike, and go see live music in her free time.

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