Susan Long

Susan Long is the sustainability initiative manager for REI Co-op. She works to support a life outdoors for members by ensuring REI’s operations create a positive impact on the communities in which REI operates and recreates. Her work focuses on Zero Waste, energy efficiency and renewables, sustainable building practices, and stakeholder engagement. She joined REI … Read more

Olivia Sanchez

Olivia Sanchez, MBA is the Recycling & Community Outreach Program Coordinator for the Department of Waste Resources for Riverside County. She began her career in the solid waste and recycling field in 1999 and worked in both the public and private sector. She has worked in grant management and program implementation in the areas of … Read more

Alejandra Warren

Alejandra Warren is a sustainability consultant and intersectional environmentalist working on diverse Zero Waste, resource conservation and environmental justice projects across the Bay Area. She co-led efforts to pass the first single-use plastic ban in San Mateo County in 2018 and co-founded Plastic Free Future in 2020. Alejandra currently works on bilingual outreach and technical … Read more

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson

Human Eco Consulting is a women-owned small business based out of Seattle, Washington. Led by founder Hannah Johnson, Human Eco focuses on designing net Zero Waste strategic frameworks and program implementation pathways for technology corporations and government entities. Human Eco was founded in 2016 and has completed projects ranging from Zero Waste event design and … Read more

Kaela Martins

As Manager, Environmental Programs and Retail Compliance Center, Kaela maintains programs for the Retail Compliance Center (RCC) and Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) as a whole that focus on helping retailers improve their performance through benchmarking, education, resources, and program management tools. Kaela also leads the RCC’s Zero Waste Network and Energy Management Network, which … Read more

Kevin Drew

Kevin Drew

Kevin Drew is the Senior Zero Waste Specialist for the City of San Francisco (City) with 35 years’ experience in the field, including overseeing the city’s Fantastic 3 source separated collection program capturing organics, recyclables and trash citywide from 400,000 residences and 40,000 businesses. He also leads the city efforts to sequester carbon through the … Read more

Bergen Hubert

Bergen is a dedicated sustainability professional with a decade of interdisciplinary study and work experience committed to protecting the welfare of humans and the environment. As Built Environment Manager for the Americas at the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Bergen is responsible for outreach, education, policy development and adoption of Cradle to Cradle Certified … Read more

Calvin Lakhan

Calvin LAKHAN, Ph.D, is currently co-investigator of the “Waste Wiki” project at York University (with Dr. Mark Winfield), a research project devoted to advancing understanding of waste management research and policy in Canada. Calvin has authored 27 academic papers, and more than 75 white papers and technical reports. His research interests include: 1) Evaluating the … Read more

Jason Litt

Jason Litt

Jason entered the Zero Waste arena as the co-founder of the Destination Zero program offered through Ingenium. The program is a consultative partnership that customizes diversion strategies and validates metrics to deliver effective solutions towards attaining zero waste targets and TRUE certification. Throughout his journey thus far, Jason has worked closely with University Hospitals, Biopharmaceuticals, … Read more

Race to Zero Waste

Race To Zero Waste Logo

Race to Zero Waste is a nonprofit that brings the vision of Zero Waste to reality by putting sustainability in action! Race to Zero Waste (R20W) is devoted to education and outreach on zero waste principles through straightforward actions such as reuse, source reduction, re-earth, and avoidance of single-use plastics. R20W is committed to upholding … Read more