Zero Waste Culture Change

October 26, 2023 from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

Speaker: Moderator: Jeremy Drake • Speakers: Daniela Ochoa, Michelle Struthers, Jessica Robinson

From analysis to action, this panel will broaden attendee’s perspective on ways to approach community outreach and engagement to support behavior change and system change toward Zero Waste. Learn about the three most common reasons change fails, an online tool users can use to track their daily Zero Waste lifestyle choices, and how live storytelling can help prevent food waste.

How to Create Change…And Why We Often Fail. The presentation from Michelle Struthers of SGA Marketing will examine the three most common reasons change fails, whether in an organization or rolling out a new program to community members. The presentation starts with a story of failed change, what went wrong and then how to avoid those same pitfalls when you plan your programs’ engagement efforts to lead change.

Earth Warrior Carbon Calculator: Why Zero Waste. The Resilience Birthright, Inc. is the home of the Earth Warrior Carbon Calculator, a tool that schools, organizations, businesses, and community leaders can access and use on The calculator is a Zero Waste 101 tool that helps address climate change and guides people toward nine (and counting) out of seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals. The user can track their daily actions based on sustainable lifestyle choices: walking, carpooling, composting after a meal, recycling everyday single-use items, reusing, and refusing, as a few examples. The features also allow local to global community calls to action to be tracked in real-time. Jessica Jane Robinson will cover climate change, pollution, current environmental disasters, and how Zero Waste practices can be a robust tool communities can leverage to make a difference today.

Elevating Zero Waste Awareness through Live Storytelling. Daniela Ochoa of Regenerative Solutions invites us to plunge into the art/craft of storytelling to elevate Zero Waste awareness. By throwing her name in the hat a few years ago at a Moth StorySLAM she came out a winner (see here). The best prize for her? An unexpected chance to communicate her passion for food waste reduction with an audience that was there to listen with open hearts and minds. Daniela will share her insights about how popular social spaces such as Moth and Moth-inspired events, Story Circles, and ToastMaster are opportunities to educate and possibly inspire others by telling your own Zero Waste story. She will also provide tips on how to create your own “story space” to nudge your PTA, your faith community, or any other community group to explore our shared cultural heritage of storytelling in support of Zero Waste.

Moderator: Jeremy Drake, Strategy Zero Waste Solutions

Michelle Struthers, SGA Marketing
Jessica Robinson, Resilience Birthright Inc
Daniela Ochoa, Regenerative Solutions