Jessica Jane Robinson

Jessica Jane Robinson has been a zero-waste advocate and environmental leader
in the Bay Area for over a decade and currently serves as President of the Northern
California Recycling Association. She used her platform as Miss Alameda, a crown she held from 2010-2011, to showcase sustainability and climate issues by creating a superhero called “Recycle Woman.” The character evolved into “Resilience,” and a graphic novel series called “Resilience Birthright” was launched in 2018. She used the Miss Alameda platform to launch a grassroots program called “Miss Alameda Says Compost!” which helped the city address the Climate Protection Plan it adopted in 2008. Her efforts helped Alameda work toward reaching its 2020 diversion goals.

Jessica Jane Robinson is the CEO and Founder of Resilience Birthright Inc, a consultant NGO of the United Nations. She’s the creator of the Earth Warrior Carbon Calculator, a zero-waste tool addressing climate change.

Resilience Birthright Inc
CEO and Founder