Kate Bailey

Kate is a founding member of AMBR, the Alliance for Mission-Based Recyclers, which works at the national level to improve recycling and reduce plastic waste. Kate is also the Policy and Research Director for Eco-Cycle, based in Colorado, and has over 15 years of experience working on Zero Waste policies at the local and state … Read more

Linda Norris-Waldt

Linda Norris-Waldt is Director of Advocacy and Chapter Relations for the US Composting Council, a national trade organization that advocates for the commercial composting industry. She was director of recycling for Frederick County from 1989-1999, and is a member of the MD-DC Composting Council Steering Committee and Maryland Compost Advocacy Coalition; and is part of … Read more

Saskia van Gendt

Saskia van Gendt is head of sustainability at Rothy’s, a global lifestyle brand best known for creating stylish, comfortable shoes from recycled plastic water bottles. As an environmental scientist with 15 years of experience in sustainable manufacturing and design, Saskia develops strategies to reduce Rothy’s footprint and advance innovations in materials and production. Prior to … Read more

Stephanie Katsaros

Stephanie Katsaros is the Founder and President of Bright Beat, a Chicago-based consultancy founded in 2010 to activate environmental stewardship and social responsibility across sectors and up the value chain. She has built a legacy of award-winning programs with cities, stadiums and festivals, raising the bar for responsible operations and public engagement. Bright Beat supports … Read more

Rob Watson

Rob Watson, LEED Fellow, is an international leader in market transformation in solid waste, green buildings and sustainable tourism. Best known as the “Founding Father of LEED,” which he launched in 1993. Under Rob’s direction, LEED became the world’s largest, fastest-growing green building standard. Author Thomas Friedman called Rob “one of the best environmental minds … Read more

Sofi Armenakian

Sofi Armenakian currently works for the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena as the Director of Operations and Sustainability. In this role, she is responsible for the conversion, uniform, housekeeping department as well as the venue’s sustainability operation with a special focus on Zero Waste operations. Most recently, she was instrumental in delivering the first-ever … Read more

Elena Mateo

Elena Mateo is co-director of the Alianza Zero Waste Costa Rica and has 25 years of experience in environmental education, natural resource management, conservation and sustainability. Elena is an advocate of activities that promote environmental and social awareness in the educational, public, private, NGO and community sectors. She works with schools, municipalities, and organizations in … Read more

Kristine Kubat

Kristine Kubat was born and raised in Eastern Pennsylvania and has lived in Hawaii for the past 40 years. She feels blessed to live in close proximity to her two children and five grandchildren on Hawaii Island, in Hilo. Kristine brings a lifetime of experience as an environmental and social justice activist to her current … Read more

Susan Green

Susan Green is a Sr. Sourcing Manager at Piper Aircraft, Inc., in Vero Beach, Florida. She has more than 25 years of experience in project management and execution, process improvement, generating cost savings, contracts negotiation, and customer service with a strong background in sales management and data analytics. Before joining Piper, Susan was Branch Manager … Read more

Carlie Bullock-Jones

Carlie Bullock-Jones is the founder and managing Principal of Ecoworks Studio and has dedicated her entire career to bringing about a greener, healthier built environment. As a nationally known expert in the practice of sustainability and wellness consulting, Carlie has facilitated on numerous award-winning projects. With a passion for sports and sustainability, Carlie has spearheaded … Read more