Heather Trim

Would like to also include info for co-presenter (if this abstract is accepted) Heather Trim, Executive Director. Heather has more than 25 years of experience in environmental work ranging from zero waste to toxic chemicals and habitat issues. At Zero Waste Washington, her focus has been on reducing upstream sources of waste and addressing downstream … Read more

Heather Watkins

Heather Watkins, co-founder and CRO of Bold Reuse propels tech startup growth. Leading Marketing, Sales & Finance, she fuels a waste-reducing mission. Her family’s wastewater background fuels her sustainability passion. She solves climate change via business, aligning with visionary companies. Before Bold Reuse, Heather ran a consultancy, serving startups like Contentful, Iterable, OpenGov, and OpenInvest. … Read more

Madeline Kaufman

Maddie received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Miami (UM), where she studied coral reef restoration. She is now a professor of Tropical Coastal Restoration at UM, engaging graduate students in lectures and fieldwork covering dune, mangrove, seagrass, sponge, oyster, and coral restoration. She is also … Read more

Amy Wald

Amy Wald, founder and president of Greenluxe Inc., is a leader in sustainable hospitality and tourism. With a diverse background in sales, marketing,hospitality, and media; including experience working on cruise ships. Amy holds a degree in wildlife management and sustainable business from the Ohio State University, along with accreditations in LEED, TRUE, ISSP, WELL, and … Read more

Valentina Rappa

Valentina Rappa is a senior sustainability manager at Rheaply, leading the charge for sustainability consulting services and all things related to the circular economy. When she’s not presenting webinars or speaking on Rheaply’s behalf, Valentina partners hand-in-hand with Rheaply’s most innovative enterprise clients, working to understand the current state of their reuse journey and helping … Read more

Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli

Meredith is the Co-Founder and CEO of WATS, a climate tech startup decarbonizing commercial buildings with waste operations software. Before WATS, Meredith spent nearly a decade at the intersection of commercial waste and sustainability in NYC. Meredith is a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor, sits on the Board of Directors of the US Composting Council, and … Read more

Jamie Kaminski

Jamie Kaminski is a Zero Waste Business Associate (ZWA, TRUE Advisor) and is President of HSR Zero Waste. He is a Board Member of Zero Waste Canada and the Zero Waste International Alliance and is Chair of the Zero Waste Definition and Zero Waste Hierarchy working group. With 30+ years of experience in solid waste … Read more

Jessica Gonzalez

Multi-faceted global CEO & Entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience building & scaling international startups from the ground up. As a self-described “non-traditional” executive, I bring a fresh, forward-thinking approach to tackle each problem & never shy away from rolling up my sleeves to work side-by-side with the incredible talent I feel honored to lead. … Read more

Ashpreet Kaur

Ashpreet Kaur

Ashpreet Kaur has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Panjab University, India. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Ecology with a concentration in Sociology at the University of University of Florida. Her research focuses on the Zero Waste performance of higher education institutions of the USA. After graduating, she is interested in working … Read more

Christopher J Stanley

After successfully building manufacturing and real estate businesses, I’ve shifted my focus to promoting sustainability and combating climate change. With 18+ years in real estate development and sales and over 11 years of management experience, I have a proven track record of overcoming challenges and driving positive change. I hold an A.A. in Environmental Studies … Read more