Plenary • Multiplying Your Business’ Zero Waste Achievements through Holistic Strategies and Employee Engagement

October 25, 2023 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Speaker: Moderator: Stephanie Barger • Speakers: Cory Tatarzyn, Manuel Gorrin, Rebecca Kulas

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There exists a critical link between employee engagement and expediting your journey towards zero waste. In this session, our experts will delve into the practicalities of zero waste treasure hunts, the importance of zero waste budgets, and the non-linear nature of sustainability efforts, all while emphasizing the need to continually motivate your team members and leadership. Through our experts’ experiences with small and large businesses, discover how to strategically align zero waste goals with your business strategy, and unlock the power of synergy among your teams to create a cohesive, sustainable program. Leave this session armed with actionable insights and a fresh perspective on motivating employees to drive your organization toward a successful zero waste future.

Moderator: Stephanie Barger, TRUE Zero Waste

Cory Tatarzyn, Zero Waste SME, General Motors, Zero Waste Treasure Hunts – An “Everybody-in” Approach to Zero Waste
Manuel Gorrin, Director, Mission and J.E.D.I., Nature’s Path Organic Foods
Rebecca Kulas, Sustainability Operations Manager, Best Buy, Zero Waste Businesses