Ruth Abbe

Ruth Abbe is a Zero Waste practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in recycling and composting program and facility development and outreach and technical assistance. As president of Zero Waste USA, she is working with municipalities across the U.S. to develop the social and physical infrastructure to achieve Zero Waste. As co-chair of the Global Recycling Council of CRRA, she facilitated its workshop series “Turning the Ship Around |Wading Through the Plastic Seas” highlighting the issues of plastic pollution and problem markets. She has expertise in organics and commercial technical assistance, waste audits, facility and collection procurement, contract negotiation, program planning, financial analysis and stakeholder engagement. Ruth has developed Zero Waste plans and programs for Austin, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California.

Zero Waste USA and Global Recycling Council of CRRA
President and Co-Chair