Nathalie Burgeff

Nat Burgeff (she/her) recently graduated from Prescott College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies; she is currently working towards a Master of Science degree in Resilient 7 Sustainable Communities. Throughout her experience in higher education over the last four years, she implemented sustainability strategies with various groups and institutions, further enhancing her communication skills in English, German, and Spanish. Through these efforts, she further developed her ability to collaborate with various organizations and cultivated partnerships with diverse stakeholders. Last year, her sustainability studies culminated in designing a compelling new waste and recycling system to transition the Prescott College campus into a zero waste-lifestyle urban community. To execute her design, she held the position of the Zero Waste Coordinator during the Fall 2023 semester, which included daily managing tasks, trash disposal schedules, and logistics, coordinating and supervising a work-study crew, implementing a structured methodology, and setting up communication material around campus to ensure the project was a success. Nat is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the 2023 National Zero Waste Conference (NZWC).

Prescott College
MS Candidate/Resilient & Sustainable Communities