Mark Patti

Mark Patti is the Southern California Senior Program Coordinator for the Mattress Recycling Council. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with Bachelors Degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies. Following the completion of his degrees in college, Mark entered the public sector working for two municipalities in Los Angeles County assisting with managing Solid Waste Franchise Agreements for Residential and Commercial Collection Services. In addition, he implemented and promoted recycling, reuse and source reduction programs along with securing grant funding for environmental programs aimed to help reduce materials from going to the landfill. Mark currently is working to implement the Bye Bye Mattress program in Southern California which was launched in early 2016 by the Mattress Recycling Council. This program was born out of the California Senate Bills 254 and 1274. One of his main responsibilities is to work with municipalities and Solid Waste Facility Operators to expand the collection network open to the public. Additionally, Mark currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern California Waste Management Forum.

Mattress Recycling Council
Senior Program Coordinator