Maricon Alvarez

Maricon Alvarez is one of the Program Managers of Mother Earth Foundation. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology from University of the Philippines. She handles MEF’s different Zero Waste Projects of MEF in various cities in the Philippines.

A passionate Zero Waste advocate, she conducts Ecological Solid Waste Management and Zero Waste training for local government units, communities, schools, and the private sector. She helped in establishing the Zero Waste Youth Pilipinas, a program of Mother Earth Foundation focused on the youth, and also serve as a coordinator of Juana, Zero-Mother Earth Foundation’s owned-Zero Waste store. She is also the lead for the organization’s Community Pantry, a movement that aims to help community members with foods but in plastic-free packaging.

A visual artist and a mother of two daughters, she believes that it’s part of her responsibility as a mom to protect and promote environmental justice through active community participation thru personal advocacy of teaching waste reduction and waste avoidance.

When she started joining MEF in 2014, she hasn’t use a single-use plastic straw and shared the advocacy of waste reduction and avoidance with her two daughters make them part of her journey going and practicing Zero Waste Lifestyle.

Mother Earth Foundation
Program Manager