Barbara Larson

Barbara Larson is boots on the ground for environmental education company, BCK Programs. As a Waste Diversion and Eco Literacy Program Project Manager, she has empowered thousands of students to be the environmental change we need to see in the world.

Barbara sees pollution prevention as a perfect opportunity for authentic learning experiences which have led to school district wide recycling, food recovery and composting programs. Barbara is also intent on connecting people to nature through school gardens. She and her students have grown tons of food in soil and hydroponically for food insecure families through her Class Crop program.

When Barbara is not working with students she can be found listening to PodShip Earth while gardening, volunteering, thrifting with her teens or planning an adventure. Barbara studied Social Sciences at San Diego State University, is a Master Composter and Certificated Rain Harvest Technician.

BCK Programs
Environmental Educator, Waste Diversion Program Manager