Amanda Kaminsky

Amanda Kaminsky is Founder and Principal of Building Product Ecosystems [BPE] LLC, collaborating with building owners and cities to optimize material resource cycles for whole system health.

BPE leads multi-disciplinary collaborations that evolve feedstocks, recycling, infrastructure, and logistics for optimal systemic health and performance of building material resources. BPE pilots improvements to product, process, standards, and infrastructure on behalf of building owners, their design and construction teams, supply chains, recycling networks, and impacted communities, engaging regional policy makers and academic research as needed. Collective pilot learnings are shared amongst collaborators for expedited industry progress. Informed by piloting and lab testing, solutions are quality-controlled and streamlined for scaled implementation via evolution of existing codes/standards, and creation of new ones.

BPE was founded by Amanda and The Durst Organization as a public private partnership with The New School, City University of New York, Healthy Building Network, and Vidaris. Before and during early stages of BPE, Amanda also led sustainable construction and procurement efforts at The Durst Organization, from 2005-2015. In collaboration with New York City Department of Sanitation, she managed execution of New York’s first high rise residential organics collection/compost program, and further deployed those learnings in roll-out of the first portfolio-wide commercial organics collection program in NYC. Amanda Chairs the Health Product Declaration Collaborative Board, is a Director on the Recycling Certification Institute Board, and is an Advisory Board Member of the Carbon Leadership Forum. BPE is also a Reuse Partner of Build Reuse. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from University of Virginia.

Building Product Ecosystems LLC
Founder + Principal