State of Texas Alliance for Recycling

Recycling Alliance of Texas dba State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (“STAR”) is dedicated to natural resource conservation through material circulation and recycling to ensure economic sustainability and environmental quality in Texas. Our mission is to advance recycling through partnerships, education, and advocacy for the benefit of Texas. Our recycling programs include the following:

STAR has several councils around the State of Texas. They include the following: STAR Central Texas, STAR North Texas, STAR San Antonio, Business Council, Texas Product Stewardship Council, Electronic Recovery Recycling Council, Reuse Alliance, and the Texas Compost Council.

In 2019, STAR continued to advance the findings from the Study of the Economic Impacts of Recycling in Texas, a follow-up of Texas Recycling Data Initiative that STAR released in 2015. This study determined that the 2015 recycling rate for MSW in Texas was 22.7% with an estimated 9.2 million tons of MSW recycled, creating an overall economic impact exceeding $3.3 billion, and supporting over 17,000 jobs.

STAR’s Business Council, comprised of corporations and entities that are involved in the management, processing, and end-use of recyclable materials, helped successfully advance SB 649 during the 86th Legislative Session, where the State of Texas will produce a recycling end-market development plan and educational campaign by 2021. The Business Council has a focus on policy advocacy to support and further advance the current industry in Texas. Additionally, STAR was gearing up for another successful Texas Recycling Summit in San Antonio in October 2019.