Stacy Savage

Stacy Savage is a lifelong Texan born and raised in the oil and gas Mecca known as “The Golden Triangle” where both her parents worked at refineries for a collective 75 years. Her personal experience with rotten egg smells, brown, hazy skies, and cancers that affected influential family members stamped her career path in environmental stewardship.

Known as “The Texas Trash Talker”, Stacy has been a “recycling nerd” for almost 20 years. Starting in 2003 as a grassroots community organizer, she played a pivotal role in passing two key pieces of statewide take-back legislation for free, responsible recycling of computers and TVs.


In 2013, Mrs. Savage founded Zero Waste Strategies LLC, an environmental consulting firm specializing in supporting the new Circular Economy. She is certified as a TRUE Advisor and her client list includes Fortune 500 companies, local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and institutions. Through her multi-tiered online courses and in-person consultations, clients receive customized waste reduction plans for increased efficiency, deeper customer loyalty, employee empowerment, and a green marketing edge. 

Zero Waste Strategies LLC
Founder & CEO