Taking Your Zero Waste Audits and Circularity Practices to the Next Level

October 25, 2023 from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm

Speaker: Speakers: Kaela Martins, Ushma Pandya, Bruce Buchan

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There exists a crucial interplay between communication and culture within the context of zero waste audits and circular practices. It emphasizes how effective communication strategies are pivotal in fostering a culture of sustainability, promoting waste reduction, and driving the adoption of circular economy principles. Additionally, it scrutinizes how cultural norms and attitudes influence the implementation and success of zero waste initiatives, demonstrating how the synergy between communication and culture is key to achieving a sustainable, waste-free future. Join us in unraveling this dynamic relationship that is shaping the trajectory of environmental conservation and resource management.

Kaela Martins, Recycling and Packaging Sustainability Manager, American Forest & Paper Association, The Role of Paper Packaging in Achieving Circular Supply Chains
Ushma Pandya, Partner & Co-Founder, Think Zero LLC, The Value of Waste Audits
Bruce Buchan, Founder and CEO, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, Focusing on Liquid Capture