Plenary • Zero Waste Systems Thinking

October 25, 2023 from 8:15 am to 9:00 am

Speaker: Moderator: Jonathan Levy • Speakers: Lynn Hoffman, Alex Danovitch, Timonie Hood, Joanne Brasch, May Myint

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Historically, recycling collection has been driven by local decisions to collect the most marketable materials. In today’s world, where globally created materials are entering the local waste stream, the ability to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, and resell has become increasingly complex. In this panel discussion, we will explore how government leadership, funding, and corporate decision making can support the transition to a circular economy. EPA leadership and funding opportunities will be revealed, designing for deconstruction will be discussed, as well as how environmental justice is shifting and how zero waste is supported through EPA programs. We will hear from recyclers on the role recycling should play in growing resilient communities (and when recycling expansion is not the answer). Using shoes and other textiles as a case study, attendees will learn how collective efforts transform the handling of hard-to-recycle products. Attendees will learn about programs and policies in this session that provide a vision for the future while discussing specific actions that can be taken today.

Moderator: Jonathan Levy, Zero Waste Pro

Lynn Hoffman, Eureka Recycling, Association of Mission-Driven Recyclers
Alex Danovitch, Nothing Left to Waste, Association of Mission-Driven Recyclers
Timonie Hood, U.S. EPA
Joanne Brasch, California Product Stewardship Council
May Myint, California Product Stewardship Council