Lynn Hoffman

Lynn Hoffman is a Co-President of Eureka Recycling, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise with a Zero Waste mission based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and the National Coordinator for AMBR (the Alliance of Mission-Based Recyclers).

Servicing the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and surrounding communities, Eureka operates a collection fleet and 100,000 tons-per-year single-stream MRF with a mission-driven, triple-bottom-line approach that balances environmental, social, and economic benefits. Eureka aims to drive meaningful systems change by demonstrating ways in which recycling has the potential to be an effective cornerstone of a just and regenerative economy and support a shift towards source reduction and zero waste.

A national expert in Zero Waste recycling systems and policies, Lynn has spent the last 20 years working with community organizations, companies, and governments to advise, strategize, and implement authentic recycling, plastics reduction, and Zero Waste policy and program solutions.

AMBR & Eureka Recycling
National Coordinator / Co-President