Ruth Corona

Ruth Corona is the Energy & Sustainability Services Director in Mexico, and responsible for delivering business results for the whole division. Her role includes leading the Mexico team with overall responsibility for achieving results, seeking new clients and properties, as well as driving new business lines.

For the Energy & Sustainability Services, she leads the entire business line, providing energy and sustainability solutions to different clients; the solutions include sustainability strategy & reporting, portfolio energy & sustainability management, building assessments & optimizations, ratings & certifications, clean energy sourcing, circular economy, as well as communication and relationships with stakeholders. Upon joining JLL in December, 2010, she was responsible for the Sustainability Program for the HSBC account in the entire country, and occupied several management and directive positions in FM and Property Management business units until she was appointed as the Energy & Sustainability Services Director for JLL in Mexico.

She has been responsible for the National Operations in Property Management during the last 3 years, led the AXA account during the traditional Property Management service model for 5 properties, and managed the transition to the leasing & management model for the whole investment portfolio.

Ms. Corona has an Industrial Chemical Engineering Degree from Instituto Politecnico Nacional with an Environmental Engineering Specialty and and also holds an MBA.

JLL Mexico
Energy & Sustainability Services Director