Rachana Shah

Rachana Shah (she/her)
Zero Waste Consultant at Common Ground Compost LLC

Rachana is a systems thinker, zero waste consultant, activist, public speaker, and mother of 2 young children. Her current consulting work centers on planning and launching successful organics collection programs for corporate, retail, and institutional clients, conducting zero waste audits, educating audiences about the impacts of waste on chronically disenfranchised communities, and co-creating this professional landscape as it emerges.

Previously, Rachana worked with public schools to assist them in becoming an official NYC Zero Waste School or in establishing composting programs. She is a TRUE Advisor, Beyond Plastics certified Speaker, and Climate Reality certified Leader/Speaker. She has worked in the waste space both domestically and abroad, as she cares deeply about climate justice, and has worked with waste pickers to improve their livelihoods and live with dignity.

Rachana lives in Queens in NYC, which is her favorite city on the planet because she can pursue her love of Brazilian martial arts, African dance, and Mexican food all in the same day and with just a MetroCard and a dream! Still, she is determined to create a slow life in a fast city.

Common Ground Compost
Zero Waste Consultant