Paulina Rivera

As leader for Sustainable Operations at JLL, Paulina Rivera’s main responsibility is to develop strategies based on the analysis of carbon footprint for the main activities of real estate operations, and giving solutions for water and energy reduction of consumption, as well as waste reduction.

She joined JLL in 2011 as a Trainee in the Sustainability Program of the HSBC account; since then, she has been working for sustainability implementations in different sectors.
She has been responsible for Water Management at Walmart de México for 2 years and responsible for maintenance as manager for Southeast México for other 2 years. She also worked in Waste Management at Basurama, developing waste reduction for Alsea and Seagate Industry Plant, as an Energy advisor at Energyza for Casa Ley and Cinépolis, and as Project Manager for Biofuels for kitchen oil recycling for Alsea, Liverpool and CMR.

She holds an Administration Degree from Centro Universitaro Harvard-CDMX , and also studied Industrial Chemical Engineering at Instituto Politécnico Nacional with an Environmental Engineering Specialty.

JLL Mexico
Sustainable Operations Leader