Partnership with EcoJustice Radio, 3/4/20

For Immediate Release

National Recycling Coalition National Zero Waste Conference Announces Partnership with EcoJustice Radio

In an effort to make this a truly inclusive national Zero Waste event, the NRC has partnered with EcoJustice Radio to spread the Zero Waste message beyond the walls of the conference.  EcoJustice Radio and Adventures in Waste are proud to support the NRC National Zero Waste Conference. Keep an eye and ear out for upcoming podcast episodes highlighting speakers and their efforts around Zero Waste and social equity. Be sure to subscribe at SpotifyApple Podcast, or SoundCloud

Find all episodes at or @EcoJusticeRadio_ on Instagram.

In addition, stay tuned for their Story of Stuff funded, 7-part series called “The Plastic Plague: Connecting the Dots Between Extraction, Inequity, and Pollution.”

EcoJustice Radio (produced by has been around since 2017 and covers environmental and climate stories from a social justice frame, featuring voices not necessarily heard on traditional, mainstream, or even public media outlets. Their host, Jessica Aldridge (founder of Adventures in Waste), is a longtime waste and recycling industry professional. She has been covering the topic of waste and the intersection of issues from extraction to consumption. 

EcoJustice Radio has featured a wide range of community activists fighting for clean air and water, waste and recycling experts, documentary filmmakers, climate scientists, political decision-makers, and youth organizers, as well as land defenders, water protectors, and spiritual leaders representing indigenous and front-line communities.

Conference Program:

There are over 60 confirmed speakers representing international, national and regional organizations, companies, nonprofits, and governments. Agenda online: The first day is particularly focused on highlighting model Zero Waste businesses and institutions.  The second day is focused on Zero Waste communities. CEUs may be available for this conference (contact your state recycling organization or other professional organizations).


Registration fees are listed below.  NRC members get $100 discount off full registration fees. All members of official NRC affiliated state Recycling Organizations (ROs) are NRC members. Contact NRC for student rates. Discounts of $55 off NRC registration is offered for attendees who also register first to attend the “Recycling Update” organized by the Northern California Recycling Association at