Marie Mourad, PhD

Marie Mourad (Ph.D.) has over ten years of experience working as a food, waste, and sustainability expert and consultant for non-profits and governmental agencies in the United States and Europe. She currently assists the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment (SFE), West Contra Costa County (RecycleMore), Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and the Pacific Coast Collaborative in California, as well as the French National Environmental Agency (ADEME) and the European Research Executive Agency. She recently published the book “From Dumpsters to Dinners: 10 Years of Fights against Food Waste in France and the United States”, based on her Ph.D. research in sociology, which compared policies and initiatives addressing food waste in the two countries. She advised CalRecycle in developing SB1383 edible food recovery regulations drawing on the French food waste law experience and now supports Californian jurisdictions in implementing SB1383 edible food recovery requirements. Some of her research focused on the links between food waste and food insecurity, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Marie participates in the Northern California Recycling Association’s Zero Food Waste Committee and is committed to reducing waste in her personal life and through her volunteer food recovery work.

Independant (self-employed)
Food Waste Expert & Consultant