Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D. is a zero waste consultant at Maggie Clarke Environmental, has been an educator and researcher in environmental science and advocate for zero waste practices for over 30 years, and a professional in solid waste management for over 40 years.

Maggie is chair of the National Recycling Coalition’s Committee to establish a NRC library, having served 8 years on the NRC board of directors. She was Chair of the Air & Waste Management Association’s Sustainability and Resource Conservation Division, and is a Fellow at A&WMA, also having organized and peer reviewed many sessions since the 1980s.

She is chair of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board’s Waste Prevention and Reuse committee, having developed a grant program to advance reuse and repair in New York City which gave grants to over 50 groups in 3 years, and chair of its Long Range Solid Waste Planning Committee having led the group in sending comments, letters and testimony to City and State agencies and legislators. She led the SWAB’s waste prevention committee in submitting environmental procurement legislation to the City Council in 1995 and 1998.

Her doctoral research tested participation in environmental shopping campaigns in Manhattan. Subsequent research in New York City neighborhoods focused on reasons for participation in recycling. She was co-author of Recycle First (1991) and Reaching for Zero (2004), two alternative long-range solid waste plans for New York City.

She holds a Ph.D. in earth and environmental sciences, a M.A. in environmental science and policy and a M.S. in energy technology.

Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board
Chair, Long Range Planning Committee