Jason Teliszczcak

Jason Teliszczak is an entrepreneur passionate about saving the environment and strengthening personal safety to make the world a more secure place. After earning a B.S. in Environmental academia and to ensure his vision would not be put to waste, he built his own successful consulting firm, JT Environmental Consulting Inc, and has quickly become an expert within the Manufacturing, Re-use, Recycling, Waste, e-Waste, and Energy industries. With more than 20 years of consulting experience, Mr. Teliszczak assists his clients in setting targets and achieving goals.

Organizations worldwide, from Fortune 100 corporations to not-for-profits with under 25 employees, utilize Mr. Teliszczak’s expertise & knowledge to perform audits, instruct staff, or simply consult.  Audits may consist of compliance audits, internal audits for waste and energy, external provider and material audits to maintain certification and/or become certified to many different standards.

Mr. Teliszczak continues to streamline growth within the industry by working closely with Certifying Bodies and Registrars and by updating, incorporating, and strengthening new standards. Mr. Teliszczak currently sits on and has been a part of numerous committees within organizations such as, but not limited to:  ASIS, BIFMA, Greenroads, ISO, NSF, and NFPA to develop standards for auditing, sustainable furniture, supply chain risk management, green building, etc.

Mr. Teliszczak remains focused on the ever-changing industry by being certified as a LEED Green Associate, TRUE Advisor, CESCO, GPCP, levelTM Faculty Member, Green-Star Auditor, and holds many other certifications.

JT Environmental Consulting, Inc.
CEO / Founder