Faye Christoforo

Faye (They/She) became a trash nerd in 2011 when they began to root around in trash cans on their college campus and came up with the questions, “Why do so many people think pizza is recyclable?” and “Why do people throw away so much usable stuff when so many don’t have their basic needs met?” This launched them on a journey to understand the relationship between systemic oppression and exploitation and the linear consumption economy.

Faye has worked in a variety of social and environmental justice spaces over the course of their “career”. They graduated from Earlham College in 2014 with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. As a student, they were a very busy organizer, co-founding the move out program, the Free Store on campus, and the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign.

Since becoming a Co-Director at PLAN in 2014 Faye has supported the rapidly growing team in working with a network of over 400 college and university campuses to build long term sustainable solutions to waste that are rooted in climate justice and collective liberation. They have held workshops and speaking events on behalf of PLAN at over 100 college and university campuses across the country as well as international events. They believe that students and young people are the most powerful changemakers and hold the key to driving the Zero Waste Movement forward.

Beyond their work, they enjoy building/partaking in queer communities, reading dystopian fiction, and their cat, Dipstick.

Post-Landfill Action Network
Co-Executive Director