Bryan S Ukena

Bryan Ukena, CEO, Recycle Ann Arbor Bryan has 30 years of experience that span a cross-section of public and private solid waste fields, including collections, transfer, processing, financing and policy expertise. Prior to his appointment as CEO of RAA, Bryan served as Co- President of Eureka Recycling, the nation’s largest non-profit recycler located in Minnesota. Under his leadership, Eureka was awarded processing contracts for the two largest cities, Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Bryan was also involved in all aspects of financing, design, construction and commissioning of MRFs in Northwest and South Arkansas. He also directed Business Development for EcoCycle in Boulder, Colorado, the nation’s second largest private non-profit recycler. Bryan is currently CEO at Recycle Ann Arbor, a 40 year old, mission-driven non-profit recycler that started one of the nations’ first curbside recycling collection program and has been the city’s only recycling collector. Recycle Ann Arbor also owns and operates a 40K tpy MRF, a ReUse Center, a Construction & Demolition recovery facility and a comprehensive public Drop Off Station that accepts 19 non-traditional and hard-to-recycle items.

Recycle Ann Arbor