Attendee Checklist, 2023

Thanks again for signing up for in this exciting Conference! The following information provides logistical details and tech tips. It is well worth the read – before the first conference day.

Access: The main conference Zoom link and password can be found in:

  1. Your confirmation email – Registration Confirmation: National Zero Waste Conference, is automatically sent right after registration.
  2. A series of emails entitled National Zero Waste Conference Access, will be sent the day before each conference day. It includes the Live Program links and password.

Directory: The Attendee Directory will be available before the conference starts to help attendees and sponsors network. If you missed this step on registration and prefer not to be included, please contact the office.

Questions: If you have questions not answered here, on the FAQ page or in the above mentioned emails, send the office a note. Be specific as to your topic and question. Please include your phone number as well as email address.




  • Consider plugging into your modem via an Ethernet cable/DSL versus using wifi.
  • If possible, use a laptop or desktop computer. They provide a better Zoom experience and generally work better with Zoom than mobile devices.
  • Download and/or update your Zoom Client for Meetings.
  • Test your audio and video via Zoom. It sets up a test meeting just for you to see and hear yourself.
  • Need help? Before 10/15, contact the Office with Zoom as the subject and we can arrange a test session.



  • Exit all applications including web browsers and turn your computer off and on again.
  • Limit the number of browsers you have open.
  • Open the Live Program and click the Main Stage link. 
  • Virtual backgrounds may slow your access. If you must use one, choose one that is not animated. 
  • Having problems during a session? Use the Zoom Private Chat function to contact the session Zoom Co-Host directly.