Alicia Culver

Alicia Culver is Executive Director of the Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN), an international network of purchasing agents and sustainability professionals dedicated to advancing sustainable purchasing. RPN creates cutting-edge procurement strategies and tools designed to protect human health and the environment, often while saving money.

With over 25 years of experience in green purchasing, Alicia is nationally known for her expertise in the procurement of environmentally preferable products such as safer cleaners and disinfectants, LED lighting equipment; compostable food service ware; recycled-content office supplies, and more.
Alicia and the RPN Team have helped hundreds of public agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations across the US to draft their sustainable procurement policies and action plans, build their programs, develop contracts, and report their results.

Over the past several years, Alicia has been working with more than 30 cities to create a Sustainable Procurement Playbook for Cities and benchmark their programs against the best practices in the field.

Responsible Purchasing Network
Executive Director